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Man can discharge the tasks he takes up properly only when he understands the true significance of humanness. It should be realized that the body, the mind and the Atma (the Self) together constitute the human being. In this world, whatever the man wants to achieve, the first requisite is the body. The body, is therefore identified with action. And then to determine at is good or bad, right or wrong, the power of enquiry and discrimination is used. This discriminating capacity resides in the mind. The mind is the instrument of cognition. Next, there is the Atmic principle which is not subject to change and is firmly established in its Truth. The unified expression of these three- body, mind and Atma, is called “Sat-Chith-Ananda”. “Sath” is that which Is. “Chith” is the principle, which enables one to comprehend the physical, the mundane, the supermundane, and the scientific. When “Sath” and “Chith” come together, there is “Ananda” (bliss). This is what a human being experiences through the body.

- Sri Sathya Sai Baba, spiritual teacher in India

GOVIN Foundation is a philanthropic organisation set up in India with the aim to focus on 3 main activities: food camps, education and healthcare for the poor & needy in Asia. It is started by Mr Anand Govindaluri & Mr Bharat Govindaluri in their personal capacities with the aim to give back to society as a responsible social entrepreneur.

Our Aim

The aim of Govin Foundation is to contribute to the socio-economic development of the underpriviliged by providing basic amenities in areas of education and healthcare.

Latest News

GOVIN FOUNDATION signs MOU with SHREE SAI HEALING TRUST, CHENNAI (INDIA) to feed 40,000 poor and needy in Puttaparthi, Chennai & Bangalore.

14 Jan 2011.. GOVIN FOUNDATION donates a cow and calf to Srinivasa Perumal Temple in Bangalore. This is considered auspicious as "Godhanam" as per Indian Mythology.